We started organising guided tours as a hobby delivering them mainly to friends and acquaintances. The word of mouth got far away so that we decided to become public and visible via YG Moldova.

We propose two directions of guided tours:

  • Chisinau – the mirror of times

Chișinău spelled [Kiʃiˈnəw] is the capital of Republic of Moldova. Whenever you come to Moldova, you’ll come to Chisinau as here’s located the only airport and generally it is the centre of the country by all means.

We propose you a two-hour walking tour through the centre of Chisinau.  With a complicated fate, Chisinau is a city that needs to be explained, told and discovered. From street to street as from an orange you will pill off medieval, tsarist, soviet, modern layers of Chisinau and feel its true taste.

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Still unsure? Check what others say about us.

  • Moldova – the republic of wine and what else?

Moldova is well known for wine, monasteries, ecological fruits and… unfortunately poverty, corruption and bad roads. As anthropologists we don’t play the hide and seek game, we show Moldova as it is, with goods and bads, beauties and cracks.

Our tours through Moldova are not 40 persons buses with stick pointing left and right. Our tours are made of small groups, walking the Moldovan villages at their speed (i.e. slow) and trying to feel how is it to live today and years ago in that place.

Our approach is flexible and individual. Tell us your interests (nature, wine, monasteries, handicrafts, etc.) and we’ll make for you at least three offers and you’ll pick up what suits you best.

Need some hints? See some travel notes from our trips here: People and Places

To book your tour, drop a line at: and check the opinion of other travelers.

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