YG Moldova was created by a team of colleagues-anthropologists. From the hobby of discovering Moldova and with an anthropological set of mind, they decided to set up professional services of consultancy to foreigners coming or just interested in Moldova.


Maria Axenti, graduate of Cultural Anthropology, followed by MA in Humanities in Moldova and MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies from College of Europe, Poland; sociable, fluent in four languages (Romanian, Russian, English, French) with a large network of connections; experienced in assistance, logistics, and interpretation. Research focus on Moldovan social life and urban anthropology. Initiator and co-founder of YG Moldova, responsible for consultations and assistance.

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Dmitri Elnic, alumni of Cultural Anthropology Faculty with a MA in Humanities focuses on visual anthropology in general and cinema in particularly; followed two scholarships for studying Chinese language in Yantai, China. Interested in political processes in Moldova, Russia and China. Co-founder of YG Moldova assisting in consultations, field trips and researches.

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Tatiana Obuh graduated the Faculty of Cultural Anthropology and proceeded Master Degree in Humanities; Interested in history, archeology and art anthropology. Freelance photographer, enthusiastic developer of hiking routes, experienced with content management and web-site maintenance. Co-founder of YG Moldova leading field trips and taking care of technical support and visual representation.

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