YG Moldova delivers a holistic anthropological presentation about Moldova.

The presentation “Moldova – the country at cross-roads” was created based on the most common questions addressed by foreigners coming to Moldova. Thus, it encompasses the main features of history, politics, economics and society.

Presentation YG Moldova3

Whom it is addressed to?

This is an interactive way of getting to know Moldova and it will be beneficial for those who come for the first time here: assigned experts, volunteers, embassy workers, or just regular tourists interested to learn more than a common citizen or internet can offer.

What is the benefit?

The meeting and the presentation provides a full picture of Moldova today and helps understanding the Moldovan society and how to act to be in line with local concepts and traditions.

It gives answers at the questions of Moldovan duality, spoken languages, why Transnistria appeared, how Moldovans make wine and many other interesting things.

Presentation YG Moldova2

If you are interested in a certain topic, please contact us and we’ll prepare a consultation based on your specific focus.

Investments and booking

The cost of the presentation is 50 Euro. In order to book the presentation please contact us at: